Lac à l’Eau Jaune Project

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Tallyperson Traplines Map

The property is located 60 km south of Chapais. Mr. Henry conducted a drilling program on a copper-silver target with economic values. The claimed and prospected zone is located in an area where many mineralized sites are recognized. The Chief Geologist has personally visited the property. This project consists of drilling, sampling, and assays on sampled cores. The area has potential for copper, gold and silver mineralization. A black-and-white map was included with the project proposal that shows the claims and prospected area. The site of drilling is close to Mr. Salt’s camp, which has been used to receive the drillers, their materials as well as the diamond drilled cores. The proximity of the site to the camp resulted in significant savings for the project.


The area is situated south of the Chapais Synclinal and the Kapunapotagen Fault within the Chibougamau-Matagami greenstone belt. This belt consists of volcano-sedimentary piles that belong to the Roy and the Opémisca groups. The mineralization in this area is expressed by stratiform sulfides associated to felsic and mafic volcanic complex of des Vents Member and by large auric vein mineralization in shears zones. In the field, basaltic and granitic rocks can be observed, and their contact is in a north-south orientation. The massive basalts are rusted and contain large altered areas. The mineralization is currently in the drilling process.