Baie à Roche Rouge Project

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Tallyperson Traplines Map

Mr. Gunner has many years of experience in prospecting. The Gunner Project is located in the eastern offshore of Lake Mistassini. In this project, the prospector is working under supervision of CMEB geologist Marlene MacKinnon. The prospected area is located around 90 km north of the Mistissini village on the eastern side of Lake Mistassini and in the Mistissini Eeyou Istchee Hunting Territory. Mr. Gunner’s project consists of stripping and sampling for gold, copper and zinc analysis. He already explores the area where he found an interesting amount of metallic minerals, specifically in mafic, volcanic and plutonic rocks. A black-and-white map was included with the project proposal that shows the area to be prospected and sampled.


The area is situated in the continuity of the Nottaway River greenstone belt on the delta formed by the pooling of the Rupert River in the Lake Mistassini region. This belt is composed essentially of volcanic mafic to intermediate piles and plutonic gabbroic and ultramafic rocks. The mineralization in this area is expressed by stratiform sulfides associated with mafic volcanic rocks. The presence of ultramafic rocks is a sign of a possibility of the presence of platinum-palladium and chromium mineralization. Furthermore, the sedimentary rock deposits in the Mistissini basin have a similarity with Metasomatic Type ore deposit, which very interesting for lead and zinc.