Wemindji Exploration (WEMEX)

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President: Geraldine Mark and directed by Mary Carmen Vera

Coordinate: Wemindji
Phone: (819) 978-0264

Founded in 1998, the main objective Wemindji Exploration (WEMEX) is to develop the mineral potential of the region Wemindji and create a skilled workforce in mining exploration on the east coast of James Bay (Quebec).


CMEB and the Cree Nation of Wemindji are major investors to WEMEX mineral exploration projects.

Wemindji Exploration Inc. is privately owned by the local authority with a mandate to acquire assets and to conduct mineral exploration. WEMEX working with several companies like Dianor Mine Exploration and Virginia mines.

The program WEMEX consists of:

  • Help Cree prospectors to acquire and perform field work on their own land and high potential properties
  • promote workforce for the Crees to the mining companies doing field work in the territory of Wemindji.
  • Providing from Wemindji services on mineral exploration as line cutting, sampling, scorecard, and transportation equipment.