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Welcome to the Cree Mineral Exploration Board (CMEB) web site. This site was created to provide general information on mineral exploration and related development opportunities in Eeyou Istchee. As the site evolves, it will become an important resource in the area of mineral exploration works, providing the Crees with access to information on mineral exploration on their traplines. Thanks to this site, Non Crees involved in exploration work in Eeyou Istchee will be able to quickly identify the trapline(s) and community they are working in – thereby facilitating the exchange of information between Tallymen and mining companies.

Since 2002, mineral exploration activities in Eeyou Istchee have been progressively increasing. Eeyou Istchee still remains one of 10 best exploration ground in the world, as reported by the Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies 2015 and CMEB’s role is to ensure that the Cree Nation benefits to the maximum extent from mineral exploration activities carried out on its Land, while promoting a sustainable development respectful of Cree values and aspirations.

In 2015-2016, the CMEB fostered the acquisition of competences, knowledge and expertise in the mineral exploration field. It has acquired a solid credibility with junior exploration companies active in Eeyou Istchee and is also a great source of pertinent and reliable information about the mineral industry for various Cree entities. The CMEB is a dynamic and reputable Cree organization that is proving everyday its purpose, which mainly consists into the promotion of the mineral exploration activities in the territory and raise Cree’s interest towards these activities.

The CMEB worked in close collaboration with the CNG to develop the: “Cree Nation Mining Policy” which is founded on the three following pillars:

  • Promotion and Support of Mining Activities
  • Mining and Sustainable Practices
  • Transparency and Collaboration.

The CMEB is confident that this new policy will clarify the intent of the Cree Nation towards mining activities in Eeyou Istchee and facilitate the relationship with mining and mineral exploration corporations active in our Territory.

This year again the CMEB provided assistance to Cree communities and Cree land users in view to raise their awareness and involvement in the mineral exploration field. With the new version of the Plan Nord the CMEB believes that mineral exploration in Eeyou Istchee will continue to increase and Crees will gradually continue to be more and more involved in this field as the mining cycle is on its way to reach again its peak in coming years. In this regard, the CMEB has been providing basic initiation program to Communities’ leadership and interested Cree beneficiaries in view for them to have a better understanding of the development of mining projects from the grass-root exploration to the exploitation. Also, Cree communities are being informed and provided with detailed maps of all mining claims located on their lands the nature and extend of exploration works carried out and, through close collaboration established with the industry, results of exploration work carried out as well as expectative and geological potential of projects considering such results. The CMEB is also proud of its field initiation programs carried out in each Cree Communities over the past fourteen years, trainees learn the basic of prospecting while improving geological knowledge of Eeyou Istchee’s Category 1 Lands and which also allows trainees to secure employment in the mining industry.

I wish to extend my regards to Mr. Jack R. Blacksmith who was CMEB’s President from 2002 to 2015. Under Mr. Blacksmith’s leadership the CMEB evolved to its present state and became a reference in Eeyou Itchee in the mineral field. It is an honor for me, as the new President, to pursue CMEB’s destiny in the trail traced by Mr. Blacksmith. I also want to salute Mr. James A. MacLeod who devoted his time and expertise over the past thirteen years as a Board member; Mr. MacLoed’s contribution is also an integral part of CMEB’s actual success.

I take this opportunity to welcome Mr. Sam R. Bosum and Mr. Mark Wadden as new members appointed by the Council Board (GCC(EI) and CNG) Mr. Bosum and Mr. Wadden have a strong expertise of the mineral exploration and mining industry which will greatly benefit to the CMEB.

My thanks go especially to all present and previous members of the Board of Directors of the CMEB for the time, the knowledge and the e orts they devoted for the success of the programs of the CMEB. I particularly make a point of underlining their engagement to achieve the goals suggested which target nothing less than excellence with respect to participation of the Cree in the sectors of mineral exploration and durable development in Eeyou Istchee.